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Restricted !!

January 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Today i was attending a movie at golden stars cinema, when an incident happen that made me really wanna write about in my blog .. it’s been so long since i had this feeling but i was soOOooo excited about it …
I returned home, logged in to my word-press account to find the surprise … I have not blogged one post from exactly 2 years !!
I used to love sharing my thoughts and writing and drawing and enjoying sometime on my blog, the feedback always counts..I will do my best to keep it up and write more often 🙂

Anyways, for some reason in Egypt now, there is a huge improvement in the foreign movie distribution. Variety of movies arrive Egypt sooner than they used to, if not in the same time of release at the USA ..
Recently, two “R”  rated movies were screened in Egypt, and they are considered two of the most important movies of 2013 .. The wolf of wall street & August: Osage County..
The two movies are great, their makers are the best in the industry and the 2 movies are nominated for Oscars in different departments …
First let me explain for those of you who doesn’t understand the film ratings:
MPAA or the Motion Picture Association of America introduced the system of rating in 1968 in order to provide parents with advance information about the content of movies to help them determine what movies are appropriate for their children at any age. The ratings are not intended to approve, disapprove or censor any movie.

The Ratings are … (as copied from Wikipedia)

G General Audiences “Nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children.”On the box: “All ages admitted”
PG Parental Guidance Suggested “Parents urged to give ‘parental guidance.’ May contain some material parents might not like for their young children.”On the box: “Some material may not be suitable for children”
PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned “Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers.”On the box: “Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13”
R Restricted “Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them.”On the box: “Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian”
NC-17 No One 17 and Under Admitted “Clearly adult. Children are not admitted.”On the box: Same as the meaning

Here in Egypt we don’t have such specification, if any movie contains inappropriate material of any quantity or quality, it’s just labeled ” For Adults Only”
and thus the people working at the cinemas may not have an understanding for what the letter written there on the poster represents.. and accordingly most foreign movies are all ages admitted given the fact that Egyptian cinemas don’t screen nudity and sex scenes due to social beliefs ..

What Happened in The Wolf of Wall Street, was a bit ordinary, some teenagers, say 15 years old attended the movie. it contains some inappropriate language and excessive use of the word FUCK .. but again they are teenagers and they already hear it and say it .. besides it’s a comedy crime movie starring Leo Di Caprio, so it may be an attraction to their age !
what i faced today in August: Osage Country was a bit strange and it made me really think that it’s about time to introduce a certain rating system in Egypt or at least abide to the rating system applied for decades.
August:Osage County is a Drama movie, about a family misery. The movie deals with many social problems facing the the american community and is very breathtaking specially with the stunning performance of both Myrel streep and Julia Roberts. Just around the beginning of the movie a group of 13 years old girls entered the hall, laughing all the way till they reached their chairs. 15 mins later they started laughing again without a specific reason. Every one around them started shouting at them and shushing them! this incident repeated right after the intermission and at a very important and moving part towards the end of the movie, the thing that forced one of the attendees to call for the security and get them kicked out of the hall, of course they didn’t get out easily and distracted us from seeing the rest of the movie ..
I don’t ask a bunch of 13 years old gals to understand anything the movie was saying, i don’t want them to understand a movie discussing divorce and separation, cheating and drug addiction.. I just don’t want them to see it in the first place .. Disney’s FROZEN or any other Arabic comedy would have been a great entertainment for them ..

I had 2 problems today !
who permitted them to attend this movie in the first place? and who is blamed for letting them so disrespectful to others ?


مجرد قصة

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment
 يوم ٢٨ يونيو ٢٠١١ …الساعة ١٢ الظهر …
طفلة نازلة الشارع هي و مامتها… وهي بتعدي الشارع .. موتوسيكل من بتوع  الديليفيري خبطها بصندوق الأكل … البنت وقعت و الشارع كله اتلم و الأم قاعدة تصرخ… جريه بيها على أقرب مستشفى … أبوها سواق تاكسي ، نزل الزبون إلي كان معاه و جري على المستشفى …- بنتي جرالها إيه ؟
– كسر مضاعف ف الرجل اليمين و لازم تعمل عملية دلوقتي و تجمع دموي عالمخ و الوضع خطير لأنه لو اتحرك ممكن ينزل عالقرنية و يسبب عما !!!
– و العمل ؟؟؟
– حنعمل العملية دلوقتي … بس عايزين أكياس دم

نزل الأب يجري زي المجنون … جاب كيس الدم ب أخر ٣٠٠ جنيه فجيبه… و رجع بسرعة …- البنت عاملة إيه ؟
– أسترها يا رب …
– خرجت من العمليات ؟
– أيوة بس محتاجة كيس دم كمان
– هنزل أشوف ممكن أعمل إيه …

نزل الراجل يضرب أخماس ف أسداس مش عارف يعمل إيه … لف على بنوك الدم … يا أما مش لاقيين الفصيلة يا أما لازم الفلوس و مينفعش استبدال…الساعة بقت ١١ باليل و كل شوية مراته تكلمه فالتليفون …
– بطلي عياط يا وليه ؟؟
– مش قادرة، البنت بتضيع مننا
– يا ولية بلاش الكلام ده … أديني بدور على بنوك الدم و المستشفيات و انشاء الله خير
– بسرعة أبوس إيدك
قفل الراجل المكالمة و طلع على بنك الدم إلي جاب منه الصبح…
– مساء الخير
– مساء النور
– عايز كيسين دم علشان بنتي إلي كنت حكيتلك عنها الصبح
– هي عاملة إيه دلوقتي ؟
– ربنا يستر
– بدء الراجل يحضر أكياس الدم… الحساب ٥٨٧ جنيه …
– دول ١٧٠ جنيه تحت الحساب و دي رخصتي و رخصة العربية خليهم عندك ضمان
– الكلام ده ف الشارع يا أسطى مش هنا … و رجع أكياس الدم مكانهم … 
– الراجل بدء يدمع …  طب بنتي بتموت يا ناس أعمل إيه ؟؟؟
– بلاش شغل النسوان ده !!!!!!!!!!!!
ركب الراجل عربيته و طلع بيسوق من غير هدف … و فجأة سمع: زمالك  ..
وقف و ركب الزبون …
–  السلام عليكم …
– و عليكم السلام …
– شفت إلي بيحصل ف ميدان التحرير ؟
– خير
– بيقول في ضرب هناك
– أستغفر الله العظيم … يا بيه و النبي ما ناقص
– ليه بس خير ؟
– إلي فيا مكفيني …
– احكيلي طيب .. أهو حتى تفضفض..
بدء الراجل يحكي حكايته .. و الدموع مالية الكلام … السواق صعب عالزبون بس ماكانش عارف يعمل أي حاجة …
أول ما وصل … طلع فلوس و إدها للسواق …
– معلش يا بيه شوفلي فكة معاك… أنا على فيض الكريم
– أنا مش عايز فكة .. دي حاجة صغيرة كدة تساعدك فالمصاريف …
– عيب الكلام ده يا بيه .. أنا مش بحكيلك علشان تديني حسنة
– مش حسنة صدقني … إمسك بس ..
– يا بيه شوف فكة.. لاحسن و حياة بنتي مش حاخد منك حق العداد أصلا
– إمسك بس …
– يا بيه ماتزودش همي … أنا كل إلي عايزه منك ٢٠ جنيه من مصر الجديدة للزمالك …
و نزل الزبون و مشي السواق
 … و توتة توتة فرغت الحدوتة … !!


February 9, 2011 Leave a comment

إزاي ترضيللي حبيبتي
اتمعشق في اسمك وانتي
عمالة تزيدي في حيرتي
ومنتش حاسة بطيبتي ازاي
مش لاقي في عشقك دافع
ولاصدقى فى حبك شافع
ازاي انا رافع راسك
وانتي بتحني في راسي ازاي
انا اقدم شارع فيكى
وامالك من اللى ماليكى
انا طفل اتعلق بيكى
فى نص السكه وتوهتيه
انا لو عاشقك متخير
كان قلبى زمانه اتغير
وحياتك لفضل اغير فيكى لحد مترضى عليه
إزاي ترضيللي حبيبتي
اتمعشق في اسمك وانتي
عمالة تزيدي في حيرتي
ومنتش حاسة بطيبتي ازاي
مش لاقي في عشقك دافع
ولاصدقى فى حبك شافع
ازاي انا رافع راسك
وانتي بتحني في راسي ازاي
ازاى سايبانى بضعفى
طب ليه مش واقفه فى صفى
وانا عشت حياتى بحالها عشان ملمحش فى عينك خوف
وفى بحرك ولا فى برك ازاى احميلك ضهرك
وانا ضهرى فى اخر الليل دايما بيبات محنى ومكشوف
انا اقدم شارع فيكى
وامالك من اللى ماليكى
انا طفل اتعلق بيكى
فى نص السكه وتوهتيه
انا لو عاشقك متخير
كان قلبى زمانه اتغير
وحياتك لفضل اغير فيكى لحد مترضى عليه
إزاي ترضيللي حبيبتي
اتمعشق في اسمك وانتي
عمالة تزيدي في حيرتي
ومنتش حاسة بطيبتي ازاي
مش لاقي في عشقك دافع
ولاصدقى فى حبك شافع
ازاي انا رافع راسك
وانتي بتحني في راسي ازاي

My 365 Project

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey, I am starting my 365 Photography project next January 2011


and stay tuned ..

Finally, I like my drawings :D

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Just to kill time, I started to DRAW !!!! and because I am not good at drawing – never was and will never be 😀 – I chose to draw some EASY cartoon characters…
thanks to you tube and to those people who published the HOW TO DRAW cartoon characters videos… I loved the results 😀 so i decided to share it 😀 😀 hope you like them too

(Click to view Large)

I know they are not PERFECT .. bas perfect is not the idea behind me drawing …
I really enjoyed my time and will try to update you if i have any other successful  trials 😀 😀

The Circle of life

July 17, 2010 3 comments

Based on a true story…

He was 10 years old when returned back home to find a an old guy he has never seen before, the old man approached him and asked; what’s ur name? he took a glance at his father and the smile on his face gave him the security to answer: my name is (—-) what’s urs?  Although that first conversation went like any ordinary conversation between the two generations, but that man changed the life of the young child, three weeks passed and they met daily; he learnt everything he can learn at that age and the man taught him all what he can in that short time… One day, the old guy had to travel back to where he came from; that day wasn’t the best day for the young child, he lost two important things in one same day .. a friend and a feeling… but he was too young to understand.

It wasn’t long time afterwards when his father told him that he has to get dressed to meet someone he has not seen for long time. That day he saw a girl, that girl is his cousin who travelled with her family long ago, last time he saw her they were only 4 .. for the first time he feels he has memories and he found himself able to ask that question he always saw his father asking “Do you remember ….. ?”
He was so happy to see her, and he tried as much as he can to meet her during the family gatherings that occurred to welcome the visiting family.. but again one day she had to travel, they promised they will in keep in touch; this time he lost one important thing… but he was again too young to understand.

Years passed, and that young child was 16 when his cousin returned again for a visit … now he was old enough to understand:  in the three times he lost the family feeling; in the first visit of his uncle and the two of his cousin he felt the warmth of a family gathering, he saw people he loves all together; sitting, laughing and chatting. He felt like he had people to count on… and three times just after the visits end no one sees anyone.

He was 18 when the same feeling repeated; he asked, he got only one answer: The circle of life. Not the lion king’s circle of life of course, the other one, work and/or marriage, the circle that people always take as a reason to stop seeing each others and asking about each others. He wasn’t convinced, but he believed because they are the people he loves.

Days passed, and the same feeling repeated several times… the sudden gatherings with everyone around and the sudden loneliness when everyone leaves for the circle of life. His main problem was warmth; he used to feel it, but as he grew older, it decreased

He graduated, he entered the circle of life but he never felt that busy that he couldn’t meet those people … there were always time. Then he understood the trick .. the circle of life is not the real reason it’s only the fake one … the one used to convince people that they have no time even to eat during work and they return home exhausted and never able to answer their calls . The truth is if you really treasure someone, you will find a way to make him happy.. no matter how busy your life is …

One day, he sat in one of the what so called family gatherings; people were talking but he never heard them, they were saying funny stuff but he never laughed, exactly as if you are watching a movie and your speakers are muted.

He is not blaming anyone, nor blaming the circle of life … he could have done something to change things instead of saying the same reasons but it’s too late now

this was supposed to be a short story but it turned to be just another scattered thoughts that came up into my mind

شباب بيفكر علشان الصورة تطلع حلوة

June 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Hady Magdy & Daniel Samy Mitry and other Gucians preparing their bachelor or master projects in Ulm University has appeared in Sabah el Khier Magazine 2842nd edition last tuesday 22/6/2010

Best of luck to every one … and i am really proud b 3omdet el masryeen 😉

(click the pictures for full quality)