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The Circle of life

Based on a true story…

He was 10 years old when returned back home to find a an old guy he has never seen before, the old man approached him and asked; what’s ur name? he took a glance at his father and the smile on his face gave him the security to answer: my name is (—-) what’s urs?  Although that first conversation went like any ordinary conversation between the two generations, but that man changed the life of the young child, three weeks passed and they met daily; he learnt everything he can learn at that age and the man taught him all what he can in that short time… One day, the old guy had to travel back to where he came from; that day wasn’t the best day for the young child, he lost two important things in one same day .. a friend and a feeling… but he was too young to understand.

It wasn’t long time afterwards when his father told him that he has to get dressed to meet someone he has not seen for long time. That day he saw a girl, that girl is his cousin who travelled with her family long ago, last time he saw her they were only 4 .. for the first time he feels he has memories and he found himself able to ask that question he always saw his father asking “Do you remember ….. ?”
He was so happy to see her, and he tried as much as he can to meet her during the family gatherings that occurred to welcome the visiting family.. but again one day she had to travel, they promised they will in keep in touch; this time he lost one important thing… but he was again too young to understand.

Years passed, and that young child was 16 when his cousin returned again for a visit … now he was old enough to understand:  in the three times he lost the family feeling; in the first visit of his uncle and the two of his cousin he felt the warmth of a family gathering, he saw people he loves all together; sitting, laughing and chatting. He felt like he had people to count on… and three times just after the visits end no one sees anyone.

He was 18 when the same feeling repeated; he asked, he got only one answer: The circle of life. Not the lion king’s circle of life of course, the other one, work and/or marriage, the circle that people always take as a reason to stop seeing each others and asking about each others. He wasn’t convinced, but he believed because they are the people he loves.

Days passed, and the same feeling repeated several times… the sudden gatherings with everyone around and the sudden loneliness when everyone leaves for the circle of life. His main problem was warmth; he used to feel it, but as he grew older, it decreased

He graduated, he entered the circle of life but he never felt that busy that he couldn’t meet those people … there were always time. Then he understood the trick .. the circle of life is not the real reason it’s only the fake one … the one used to convince people that they have no time even to eat during work and they return home exhausted and never able to answer their calls . The truth is if you really treasure someone, you will find a way to make him happy.. no matter how busy your life is …

One day, he sat in one of the what so called family gatherings; people were talking but he never heard them, they were saying funny stuff but he never laughed, exactly as if you are watching a movie and your speakers are muted.

He is not blaming anyone, nor blaming the circle of life … he could have done something to change things instead of saying the same reasons but it’s too late now

this was supposed to be a short story but it turned to be just another scattered thoughts that came up into my mind

  1. Gina
    July 17, 2010 at 12:11

    That’s a really nice Touching story ;):)

    I only have 1 comment…I believe “It’s Never Too late “…
    May be the situation will not be the same again as Old Days …but still “The truth is if you really treasure someone, you will find a way to make him happy.. no matter how busy your life is …”…So TrueE!

  2. Mary
    July 17, 2010 at 13:00

    But there are gatherings marked by love. I don’t know if its a one-way feeling but you can certainly feel love in the air. Despite the time and distance, the disappointed expectations and even the following anger, I really believe that was nothing else than love. I’ve come to believe there is that type of friends that show up when needed and then disappear, that this could be another type of love. May be.

  3. N
    July 17, 2010 at 20:26

    nice 🙂

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